Happy Independence Day!

I think I’m getting stupider by the second… I borrowed Jose’s computer tonight to take advantage of some random wireless network in the shopping centre beside where we are tied up in Honolulu intending to upload some photos. I have the camera, the cord, the USB drive, but I forgot that I changed memory cards in Kauai and I have all of three photos on this one, none of which are. Seriously.
So now I’m just sitting here in the center aitrium in my red white and blue dress I put on especially for the occasion (Independence Day) feeling like I let myself down.
Thank you everyone for your notes and comments on my blog and thank you to Nancy, Bev and Gord, Dad, Jen and Remi for your cards and letters I got on our arrival. It was very exciting and I love hearing from you even if I don’t get a chance to reply right away. As long as I have your address, I’ll send a postcard sometime. We’re here in Honolulu until the 12th or so – we get into port a week before each leg ends for restocking and cleaning up the boat et cetera. We have a big fancy dinner planned for Friday night to say good bye to our trainees. They’ve been great so far. They leave us on the 9th and then I have 2 days off that I plan to spend in a BnB or something and visit Pearl Harbour and maybe Waikiki Beach as well as have downtime.
I’ll try and borrow the computer again sometime so I can actually upload photos. Silly me…


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