Finally Pictures

Back here again with all the appropriate pieces for uploading photos! They aren’t in order because that is too much work, but they are captioned! Enjoy…

Restocking the boat one side at a time in Honolulu. We had to pile all the bags and mattresses over on one side and do half the bunks then shift everything over to the other side and do it again.

Waikiki beach, Honolulu. I’ll be staying 3 blocks up from this next week on my days off!

The NaPali Coast on Kauai. Nouri and Naomi cross the river which was fairly swift. It leads into a beach where we couldn’t swim.

Butterfly on the NaPali Coast trail.

Me at the Waimea Canyon, Kauai. I guess this pose is tradition now…

Travel buddies for the day in our lovely van: Sara, Me, Christina, Nouri, Elske, Tavish, and Becca at Waimea Canyon.

The Mango pickers/eaters: Elske, Sara, Nouri, Christina, Bec. We saw this random guy with a huge pole with a net at the top along the side of the road on the way to the canyon and sort of stalked him to some mango trees. Tav and Nouri climbed up the first one and shook mangos down at us and poked at others with a stick. We then drove down the road and found another tree (Sara hanging on to the mango hunting stick out the window because we didn’t want to leave it behind it was so good). Everyone went up this tree except Sara and I and they kept throwing mangos down at us. We ate about 30 on the site and had over 40 to bring home with us. Nothing like freshly picked mango!

Anchored off of Maui. The water was so clear, you could see the bottom at 50 ft. I snorkled off the boat and some of the guys dove down to do some repairs on the props here.

Two of these guys found us in crazy winds en route from Maui to Kauai. I think it is a silverbill of some kind. Jacob is holding it in his hands. Eventually they flew off the boat – no matter how hard we tried, we couldn’t make them stay. They probably didn’t make it to land which is kind of sad.

Taro fields on Kauai.

The NaPali coastline.

The sign at the beach where we couldn’t go swimming… don’t worry Dad, I didn’t go in the water!

Getting dunked while bowsprit hanging. The water was so warm, but it is a weird feeling out there – I kept thinking the boat was going to run me down. I guess you could say we are sort of like the carrot that is dangled in front of the donkey, just hanging off the bowsprit.

The Mauna Kea Observatories, 14000 ft up on the Big Island of Hawaii.

Our rented trucks at the top of the world. I feel like it should be an advert or something. I drove the hideous blue Durango. The road up was so steep I was only able to make 15miles/hour with it floored. Granted, there were 9 people in there, but still. It was steep.

Mauna Kea from the water as we sailed by at sunset the next day.

The Island of Maui.

The flying fish we “caught” – it came on board in the mouth of one of the durango we caught.

Noah dragging the Wahoo we caught with the flying fish as bait. The Wahoo was about 30lbs and about the same length as Noah (age 9-ish). It fed us all with leftovers.

Me in my bowsprit hanging atire.

Antony perched percariously on the end of the main boom doing some sail wrangling while underway.

Sunrise en route to Hawaii.
Simon holding the flying jellyfish we brought onboard in a deck bucket.

Deck shower time!

Reflection of the Main in the Binnacle.

Elske and Christina bowsprit hanging.

Our Menu board in the Galley… the day of the big Wahoo (30lbs) that fed the entire boat with leftovers!


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