Off Again

Yesterday was the first day of leg 2. I spent my days off relaxing – going to Pearl Harbour, wandering the old part of town and seeing the palaces, art gallery, Anglican Cathedral (was there for an organ recital too), the state capital building, and others. I also spent a bit of time lounging on the beach in Waikiki and managed to see Harry Potter opening night. Very sad that they didn’t include Fred and George’s swamp… but oh well.
Today we leave around noon to head down to the Marqueses and Tahiti. It sounds like it will be about a 2 week crossing to next land, so I guess you won’t hear from me for a bit, and who knows what Internet I’ll be able to find down there. The trainees all boarded yesterday and we were able so say another farewell so some of our leg one trainees. It seems like this will be another fun group and I’ve sailed with at least 2 of them before. I can’t say I’m sad to leave port. Honolulu is not Hawaii in the sense of the Hawaii we knew on some of the other islands and I’m getting tired of the endless amounts of fancy shops and tourist traps. It will be fun to get down to some of the other islands further south. We cross the equator this leg… hopefully King Neptune’s court isn’t too cruel to us.


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