This is getting old

So, um, we`re still here. I think its been 5 days that we have been trying to leave but have been unable to because of the weather. We thought it was dying down last night, but this morning the seas were back up. In some ways it has been a mixed blessing because there are a few trainees who have needed to visit a doctor to get various infected cuts from the south pacific checked out and a cold or two etc. But still, it would be nice to leave. Our time in Shanghai is getting cut short and I have already changed my hostel booking twice. If we stay another day, I may have to cancel it altogether which is unfortunate because it looks like a sweet hostel (in Beijing) and it may be hard to find stuff once we get there because of Spring Festival. Keep praying for us and the weather. We don`t want to make a stupid move and head out prematurely, but we have been on this small island for over a week now…


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