Wise Words

Without asking permission (sorry…), but taking the chance that it is okay, I want to share my uncle’s wise response to a post I made on my work situation.  I think that they should resonate with all of us.  I certainly appreciated them.  Thanks!

You’re right, a job should be more than simply doing something to earn money for food and other living expenses. Ideally you want to find a calling in life that provides you with the ability to manage these necessities, but that also provides an opportunity to stimulate your intellect and spirit, and that provides a sense of self-worth, and one that provides a service of some sort that others can benefit from. Actually the real trick is not in trying to find a job that does all these things – the joy-filled person discovers how to achieve all these things regardless of what job they have and regardless of their circumstances. We don’t always recognize when this is happening in our own life, but we can certainly see it in others that we come across in life.



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