Here We Go Again

And thus we begin another term of school: two down and two to go. That full week and a half off didn’t really feel like a break with all of the traveling that I did in there. Mind you, it was very nice to not have to take any school work with me to Montreal.

Today, the next course opened: Research Methods. Now don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against research methods. I think it is a valuable component of any degree… I would just like to learn something new. I logged on to the course site earlier this week and began the readings. It is all review. In fact, it is less than review. I don’t think it will be even as in depth as any of my undergraduate courses.

I have, in my undergraduate degree, completed no less than five courses in research methods and statistics. In those courses, I wrote research proposals, I conducted experiments and collected data, I had labs where I used statistics software and analyzed my data, I wrote formal reports. Heck, one prof even used some of our data for her research.

When I wrote the school and asked for permission to not take the course, I was told I could only have that if my courses were taken at the graduate level. Fair enough, I can live with that. Maybe I’ll learn something more if it is a “graduate” course.

Then, I opened the text book and read the first sentence: “A course in research methods is possibly the most important course you will ever take in your psychology undergraduate career.” Kill me now.


4 thoughts on “Here We Go Again

  1. I’ve encountered the exact same thing. I’m in a city and regional planning master program and a public admin master program. They wouldn’t let me test out of stats. Not even when considering my three undergraduate degrees (one in psych) or the five stats courses I had taken.

    Luckily I’m counting the stats sequence in one for both. Still a pain. So I feel your aggravation. Grad students unite!


  2. Wow half way, that is awsome, seems like it has come up fast- easy for me to say I know. Reasearch though I do feel rather sorry for you!!. BTW I like the new blog and the format- its nice that you can have tabs like a real website. Thanks for the invite to your conferance. I checked it out online and it looks like it would be interesting. I however looked at my calander and that is the weekend our church is hosting our people that we sponser who run a disicpleship/teaching program in Equador and we are having an event with them and I am rather involved with that. Its to bad because I have been trying to fit in a trip to the island to see you all and that would have been a really good reason. I do hope however to try find a weekend in June or forsure July when my course is done to come out. Would love to see you again. Happy Researching and have a good week. mel

    • Yay! But boo. Too bad we won’t see you but yay that we might soon sometime. Just don’t come over the 2nd weekend of June. I’m at a conference in Portland. 🙂

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