Friday Photo


Yesterday was the opening afternoon/evening of Episcopal Village West in Portland. There are 5 of us from Canada down here, 4 from Victoria and 1 from Vancouver. It has been interesting to hear from our brothers and sisters in the US about what they are experiencing and to see the similarities and differences in our situations. We have a lot to learn from and share with each other.
Follow the conversation here.


Things that Make Me Happy

  • New music from the public library
  • Being able to wake up without the alarm clock
  • Dinner with [new] friends
  • Productive meetings for exciting things
  • Taking a break and resting in God’s presence
  • Quiet reflection and peaceful moments
  • Wind and rain to remind me of God’s power in creation
  • New toys to play with
  • A clean bathroom
  • Life calming down (for now)
  • Finally getting permission to take 2 courses at once this summer meaning I’ll be done all my course work before I go to Myanmar in November
  • A fantastic new dress
  • Possible trip in June